Progress Audit

CJSC "Progress-audit" is working closely with "RSM TOP-AUDIT" audit consulting group, which is a full member of "RSM-INTERNATIONAL" International Audit Consulting Association since 1997, and...

"Progress - Audit" LLC's staff with rich experience and excellent knowledge of today's business environment enables us to successfully fulfill the tasks of auditing, accounting, tax planning, management consulting, legal advice and a range of other services. 

"Progress - Audit" LLC's professional staff provides services in various fields and maintain its independence, objectivity and honesty in all circumstances: "Progress - Audit" LLC is highlighted by the client of the company's activities relating to the confidentiality of the information, which was acquiredDuring the rendering of professional services: "Progress - Audit" CJSC is providing services is guided by the International Accounting Standards and the provisions of the legislation of Armenia.